Test your data protection system

Do you think you have quality personal data management systemand your business is compliant with GDPR requirements? Test your system and employees to see is your company GDPR compliant or not.

Continuous testing of established GDPR compliance system and its accompanying protocols is a necessity for every serious company. It's also an example of good business practice for all companies and organizations.

Protecting personal data in accordance with GDPR is a process that will grow and develop over time and acquire practical experience. Therefore, periodic improvement and updating of established measures is in foundation of any successful compliance and a guarantee of appropriate handling of personal data.

That is why we conduct periodic testing of your GDPR system, always improved by new examples from practice.

Testing the established GDPR system involves analysis of established protocols and actions of persons involved in the application of GDPR. We analyze every process on real-life examples and everyday business that is to the greatest extent possible related to your business or organization. Based on the results of testing, we give recommendations and help in creation of concrete GDPR measures and mechanisms.

Whether you have been working on data protection and GDPR compliance for a long time or are just starting to do so, the GDPR compliance test is a useful tool that will give you a broad picture of your readiness and provide insight into those segments of your data protection system that need to be changed.

Contact us and odrer your GPDR test and analysis today. If you opt to outsource our DPO this test is included in the price of DPO service.