GDPR-MEDIA works to ensure the compliance of your business with the requirements of GDPR, tailored to the needs of your business or company.

GDPR-MEDIA offers a comprehensive data protection approach, outsourced data protection services, consulting, education and business solutions tailored to your business or company.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to ensure the protection of the rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data, and accordingly prescribes the obligations of entities that process personal data such as processing managers or operatives. GDPR applies to all companies, associations, hospitals, institutions, as well as individuals who perform a particular professional activity.

GDPR-MEDIA was created with the desire to respond in a simple and complete way to the many challenges that arise from the application of GDPR directives in practice. We have an individual approach tailored to the client and the real needs of the company or organization, i.e. the specifics of a particular business. We build a comprehensive data-processing system according to the Privacy-by-Design principle, to ensure GDPR compliance in practice.

Our solutions are also tailored to small businesses or associations. GDPR consultants are ready to answer your questions, resolve your concerns and back them up with practice examples. We offer outsourced data protection services (DPO) and we conduct personalized training seminars for your data protection officers.

GDPR-MEDIA can also help you create internal acts, statutes, rules, and general terms. We advise you in communication and procedures before public authorities, state or local government. We participate in the process of preparing and passing laws and by-laws. We keep up with regulatory changes for you and advise you on how to adjust to them.

GDPR-MEDIA is there for you so that you can calmly address the needs of your clients.

The Director of GDPR-MEDIA, Jug Puljizević, is a member of The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).