Outsource Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience; contract the services of our Data Protection Officers (DPO). We are continually working on your GDPR compliance.

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a key person in a GDPR compliant organization. A DPO monitors implementation and compliance with GDPR directives, informs and advises, cooperates with the Croatian Data Protection Agency (AZOP) and acts as a contact point linking your business or organization with data subjects.

GDPR prescribes the conditions for appointing Data Protection Officer. A DPO is at the heart of your personal data protection system; regardless of whether you have to appoint one according to the GDPR criteria or you have decided to appoint a Data Protection Officer because you want to qualitatively, transparently and responsibly approach the requirements of GDPR compliance.

Our Data Protection Officers are well acquainted with the EU legal system and know GDPR and national legislation in details. They improve the knowledge of GDPR every day by following innovations in the field of data protection, applying good practice examples and participating in professional conferences.

Permanent education is a necessity for anyone who wants to keep up with everyday change, especially when it comes to GDPR. That is why we put a special emphasis on the continuous education of our DPOs. 

Contact us and find out why GDPR-MEDIA is a reliable choice for outsourcing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and how we can help you make your business more reliable and transparent.