Data Protection Officer (DPO) training

We design, create and implement personalized training for data protection officers based on your protocols, privacy policies, and guidelines.

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a key person in an organization that is compliant with the GDPR regulation. The DPO monitors implementation and compliance with GDPR , informs and advises, cooperates with the Croatian Data Protection Agency (AZOP) and acts as a control and contact point.

Permanent education is a necessity for anyone who wants to keep up with everyday change, especially when it comes to GDPR.

The DPO (Data Protection Officer) is at the heart of your personal data protection and management system. Regardless of whether you have to appoint a DPO according to the GDPR criteria or you have decided to appoint a DPO because you want to qualitatively, transparently and responsibly meet the requirements of GDPR, it is necessary to educate and equip the DPO with necessary "tools" to perform this dynamic and responsible role.

The GDPR prescribes the conditions for appointing data protection officers. A DPO is appointed on the basis of professional qualifications, in particular professional knowledge of law and practice in the field of data protection, as well as the ability to perform tasks required by complying to the GDPR. Furthermore, the DPO must be work independently and be responsible to the management or to the director or top of the organization.

To successfully respond to the requirements of the GDPR, and more importantly, to have the right, informed, trained person in one of the most sensitive positions, we create and implement personalized training tailored to your business, established protocols and the needs of your company or organization. Individual or small groups, using the Levels of Learning concept, we form your data protection officers.

Our trainings are designed so that attendees use their existing backgrounds and experiences in order to successfully integrate new-found knowledge and creatively apply it to everyday situations. Without understanding there is no knowledge, and therefore no proper application.

If you want to rely on our knowledge, we can provide you with an external or virtual DPO service according to the size and needs of your company or organization.