GDPR System and documentation

We create a complete GDPR system, establish data processing measures, crisis management procedures, data transfer to third countries ... shortly, entire GDPR enviroment.

GDPR brings greater security for individuals regarding their personal data,.Data controllers have the opportunity to improve their business and strengthen their clients' trust. At the heart of GDPR implementation is a system of protection and management of personal data, and its foundation is the development and establishment of precise protocols.

A privacy policy or similar document is just a small part of the GDPR solution, and is useless without clearly defined and well-established protocols and actions. They represent a kind of "network of roads" linking a number of elements of an effective personal data management system within a comprehensive GDPR data protection project.

Each step is clearly documented, taking into account all the steps within a particular process, involved stakeholders, the legal basis of processing, the effects on the participants, the potential risks and ways of solving potential problems or crisis situations.

The size of your company or organization, amount of personal data processed, various legistaltion ... are just some of the aspects we take in consideration when creating and setting up your GDPR compliance system.

Data subjects have the right to transparency, access to data, right to rectification, right to "be forgotten" (or deletion of data), right to transferability, right to complain and right to oppose automated profiling. The establishment of protocols help you to adress any questions regarding personal data  in a transparent, clear and fast way, strengthens trust in a company or organization and unambiguously points to compliance with GDPR.

The Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is an integral part of the personal data management and protection system, for anyone who processes data of a child, health-related information, political orientation data, religious data, and other sensitive data categories. Our DPIA system enables your employees or data protection officer to easily carry out a DPIA, document it, and make appropriate recommendations, in accordance with the GDPR. 

Together, we develop and establish a complete GDPR system, taking into account your business needs, interests and the rights of the participants. Contact us and schedule a meeting.