Contracts, Statutes, Rules of Procedure, various Acts...

Let us take care for the "paper" bloodstream of your company or organization. From fundamental acts, through a whole series of contracts, agreements, arrangements, protocols, and even "translations" from bureaucratic language to Croatian (and vice versa).

Over ten years of experience in drafting and creating laws and regulations, dealing with both the state and the public sector allow us to speed up your business processes, facilitate communication with state and local bodies, and strengthen your legal security through contracts and other acts relevant for your business.

GDPR-MEDIA can support you, according to your needs and wishes, in all procedures before state and local bodies, as well as public authorities. Our services also include support in acquisition of land in state ownership, compliance with new regulations, business co-operation agreements or requirements for realization of rights. We can also analyse any legal or regulatory text for you, including contracts with relevant partners.

Our experience and knowledge of the work of the state and local administrative apparatus allows us to adapt our approach to every individual body or organization, in order to provide you with a faster, more comprehensive, simpler and cheaper solution. 

You no longer have to fear stacks of paper, incomprehensible texts, and contradictory terms. GDPR-MEDIA can provide you with the summaries, and point out the important material. 

We can create any document you need for your business in Croatia and we can analyse any document you bring us. You name it - we got it.

Contact us and find out how to improve your business today.