Supporting investors in Croatia

Considering investment in Croatia? Already fighting wih Croatian bureaucracy? Don't waste your precious time - let us give you a hand and guide you safely through the bureaucratic maze.

Croatia is ready for new investment cycle but vast bureaucracy, red tape and numerous barriers can slow or even stop any entrepreneurial initiative. Don't let that happen to your business or investment. 

Over 15 years of experience dealing with law makers, state regulators, bureaucracy, interest groups and unions provide our consultants with a unique insight and understanding of background processes. GDPR-MEDIA is ready to assist you and protect your business or investment form bureaucratic traps, endless waiting queues and unnecessary costs.

We can find that "missing" document or verification for you or track down that "final" stamp of approval. GDPR-MEDIA can help you with a Public Procurement System, Concessions or Public Private Partnership (PPP) opportunities in Croatia. 

Contact us today and find out how we can support your business or investment in Croatia.